[ 5th phase ]
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[ 5th phase ]
Ametron [art space], presents the new solo exhibition of the artist Vanessa Touzloukof entitled [5th Phase].
The title refers to REM which is a distinct "third state" of consciousness and is considered the period of sleep with the greatest wealth of dreams.
In her new work, Vanessa Touzloukof draws on printmaking techniques such as blind print, lithography and copperplate, combining them with Japanese marble painting. She also uses collage, which becomes a printmaking matrix to become collage again, creating enigmatic images, like those that gush forth during sleep, from the darkest and most unexplored space of the creative mind.
With the tools of automatism, association, the acceptance of the absurd, the uncanny and the alien, the artist seeks to express the aesthetic and spiritual anarchy that dominates the dream. A play of functions abandoned to themselves, exercised without an obvious goal, while at the same time constituting: '...the Royal Road, which leads directly to the unconscious, to the darkest region of the soul, full of unsatisfied passions and repressed desires' (Sig. Freud).
Inspired by the psychoanalytic theories and notes of dream scholars from antiquity to the present day, Vanessa Tuzlucov approaches what Carl Jung called the "Twilight Zone, between the dim Consciousness and the Conscious background of the dream".

The exhibition will also feature [Dream Archive], a group project of Mail-Art, curated by the artist, which includes visual and audio dreams sent from various parts of the world by mail.

The archive, as well as the exhibition, will be accompanied by sound artworks from the albums oneirograph v.5.spindle and AWE, by composer Anna Stereopoulou