Privacy Policy

Our website visitor’s privacy, is very important to us and we are fully dedicated to its protection. Our policy explains how we are going to use your personal information.

Confidentiality Policy
Our Confidentiality Policy is designed in order to help you understand the way we collect and use you personal information provided to us, and to receive up-to-date decisions when you use our website and all the relative services included in it. When you visit our website, you can provide us with your personal information that you voluntarily choose to offer and are collected by us on an individual case, and information by the use of the website that are collected on a collective case both by you and by others that use our website.

Ways of use of collected information
Personal information that are offered to us are used for purposes that are set by that policy on relative pages of the website. We can use personal information for the following purposes:
-management of our website and our business,
-personalised configuration of our website for you,
-improvement of the use of your available services on our website,
-shipping of the artwork you buy through our website,
-sending invoice and payment reminders for you, as well as payment collection from you,
-sending notifications via e-mail, concerning your requests,
-sending our newsletter via e-mail for new products, exhibitions, and new collaborations, only provided that you have registered to our [newsletter], (you are able to inform us any time if you do not want to receive our newsletter anymore),
-management of requests and complaints you have made by yourselves or are relative to our website,
-preservation of security of our website and prevention of any fraud,
-confirmation of conformity under the terms and conditions of supply of our website.
If you submit your personal information for publication to our website, we will publish or use these information in agreement with your licensing. Your private settings can be used to restrict the communication of your information on our website and can be modified using the privacy control on the website. We will not transfer your personal information without your consent to third parties or other commercial department.

Sharing your personal information
We can share your personal information to any of our business partners, executives, insurers, or professional consultants, representatives as it is required for purposes referred by this policy.
We can share our personal information: To the maximum extent permitted by law, relevant to any current or future legal procedure, for the purpose of consolidation, application or defence of our legal rights (one of which is the provision of information to third parties for the prevention of fraud and the reduction of credit risk), to anyone we reasonably believe that might belong to judicial or other competent authority concerning the communication of information in case we believe that the specific authority will demand the communication of specific personal information.
Furthermore as it is referred to the present policy, we will not provide your personal information to third parties.

Way of access and Correction of Personal Information
You are able to contact us to ask for access to all of the personal information concerning you, which we collect through internet and keep to our data base.

What is valid for other Websites that are Connected to Ours?
We assume no responsibility either for the practice of other websites connected to ours, or their information or their content. Usually, links to other websites are provided exclusively for purposes of orienting on matters that might be useful to our website users. Please note that when you use a link to be transferred from our website to another one, our Confidentiality Policy is no longer valid. Your browsing and interaction to other websites, including websites that contain a link to our website, subject to rules and policy of this specific website. Please read the relative rules and policies before you continue.

Your Consent
While using our website, you consent to our collection and use of your personal information as described in the present Confidentiality Policy. If we modify the policy and the procedures concerning confidentiality, we will publish those changes to our website so that you can be informed about the kind of information we collect, the way we use it and the conditions under which we are able to communicate it. If we radically modify our confidentiality policy, we will publish relevant changes to this confidentiality statement and to other points we will deem properly, so that our users will know which information is collected, the way it is used and the conditions (if there are any) under which it is going to be communicated. In some cases that we publish a notice, we might send an e-mail to users that are going to choose to keep in touch with us, by notifying them about changes concerning confidentiality. In any case, for your registration for our products you should have legal practice ability concerning the products and services you are able to buy here. In general, that means that you should be over the age of 18.