In the exhibition-installation (dis)continuity by Evdoxia Stafylaraki there is a presentation of sculptures in a small and large scale, made by metal and other materials in combination with audiovisual equipment. Linear illustration like a design in a room, create an exploratory route for the visitor, posing questions about a person's of our time limits and desires, about the continuity and discontinuity of subjective meaning of space and time, by examining the complexity that their infinite subdivisions create. A layout with multiple baselines, with the past and the future, the order and the chaos to coexist and interact with each other, pursuing harmony, looking for the present. The works draw data from ancient philosophers' reports, such as Aristotelis and Epikouros, about the relationship between time and soul, standstill and movement. In the meantime, there are influences from the world of mathematics as well as the artist M.C.Escher's works.