[ 5th phase ]
We invite you to a special experience, at the opening of the solo exhibition of the engraver/painter Vanessa Tuzlukov entitled
[5th phase] on Monday 4/09/2023 at 20:00-23:00
in the art space [art space],
Theotokopoulos 22, Old Town, Chania.
The title refers to REM, which is a distinct "third state" of consciousness and is considered the period of sleep with the greatest richness of dreams.
In her new work, Vanessa Tuzlukov employs printmaking techniques such as blind print, lithography, copper engraving combined with Japanese marbling and collage, creating enigmatic images, like those that emerge during sleep, from the darkest and unexplored space of the creative mind!

+ The exhibition will feature the epistolary art work [dream archive] where the artist has collected unique works of art from all over the world, following an international call.

During the course of the exhibition, the art-works will be accompanied by the Sound Installation designed by Anna Stereopoulou, also featuring the Audio Dreams submitted as a response to the Call. In parallel, the music will be enriched with excerpts of her «...oneirograph...v.5.spindle : live in italy» solo album, inspired by Dreams and the various phases of Sleep (World Premiere: Portello River Festival, Italy, 2010), and «AWE», based on Archaeology & Modern Media, as well as on the 'Binary Fractal Tree' graph and The Minoan 'Great Year' Calendar & Civilisation, released on June 4th, 2023.

"...oneirograph... and its 5th version, titled 'Spindle' is based on a research by Anna Stereopoulou, on various types of Waves (sound, electromagnetic, brainwaves) and the various phases of Sleep (NREM – REM), through which, the waves' presentation is being unfolded, starting from the moment we fall asleep, until the awakening /dawn."

...oneirograph...v.5.spindle : live in italy
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Anna Stereopoulou, composer, pianist, researcher

Anna Stereopoulou specialises in the field of Music Composition for Film & TV, whilst since 2017, she has been introducing a special form of live presentations, described as Cymatic Environment©, and launched through her latest projects, titled 'SYN' /'PLANO' and 'AWE' solo album. The works are inspired by her Art & Science research, and aim at highlighting the importance of Deep & Active Listening of Sound, in Art and everyday life.

AWE (awe)
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