Open call

A wave is a disturbance from equilibrium which travels through space and time using some medium of transmission or even the vacuum. Wave motion occurs almost everywhere in nature. Sea waves, sound waves, electromagnetic, sensory. Visible and invisible waves, harmonious or explosive, carve the matter and aspects of ourselves, leaving their imprint.

Ametron [art space], wanting to expand its visual activity, is for the first time extending an open call to all those artists with immeasurable visual concerns and constant searches, to present their work through a group exhibition, which will take place in ametron[art space] in the old town of Chania. The invitation concerns any medium such as painting, sculpture, installations, video, photography, performance, etc. and is addressed to all artists without restrictions.

Email with subject [OPEN CALL/fullname] including:

1. Brief Cv
2. Portfolio, presenting your general work (up to 5MB)
3. Presentation of the project with which you would like to
participate and a few words about it (up to 150 words)
4. Website & social media
5. Contact information (city of residence, phone number)

Deadline for submission of proposals until August 14th
Results 20/08/2022
Exhibition: September 2022 (the exact date will be announced 22/08)

Basic terms and conditions:

Artists should NOT exhibit or be represented by another venue in the prefecture of Chania for the year 2022.
Participation is free.
Artists are fully responsible for the cost and security of shipping their work to the gallery.
Each artist can participate with one to three works.
Proposals made late or that do not include the required information will not be accepted.
Only selected artists will receive a response email and will be notified by 22/08/2022.

Detailed information on the ways of cooperation will be given to the selected artists, while the way of communication with the gallery will be exclusively via e-mail.