Yiannis Pappas is a visual and performance artist. Throughout Pappas’ work runs a deep fascination for the relation between space and the human body in natural and urban environments. Underscored by a critical interest in space, as sites of physical and symbolic enactment, his artistic work and research explore how different places are sustained collectively and individually throughout history.

Yiannis studied sculpture and photography at the Athens School of Fine Arts (Integrated Master of Arts) and at the University of the Arts in Berlin (UdK). Awarded by the Academy of Athens and by the Greek State Scholarship Foundation (IKY) he completed the artistic and scientific MFA “Space Strategies” at the Academy of Arts Weißensee in Berlin. His art-based researches have been assigned by the Goethe Institute and German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) through interdisciplinary projects in Asia and Middle East. An interventionist by nature, he looks for ways to find unlikely methods to engage responsiveness. His resonant and visual language includes video work, photography, performative, and installative practices, all of which bear the signs of Pappas’ anthropological and phenomenological approach toward his subjects.

He exhibited internationally through Europe, Asia, Middle East, South and North America (Biennale of Architecture Venice 2018, Bangkok Art Biennale 2018, Athens Biennale 2016, 7th Berlin Biennale for Contemporary Art and more) while he attracted the attention of the worldwide press (CNN, New York Times, Art Foroum etc), have given his effort positive reviews.Yiannis Pappas was born in island of Patmos in 1978, he lives and works in Berlin.


Academy of Arts-Weißensee, Berlin, MFA Space Strategies, 2013
Universität der Künste Berlin (UdK), Klasse Prof. Christiane Möbus, 2009
School of Fine Arts Athens, Integrated Master, 2008
School of Fine Arts Athens, Sculpture’s Class A’ and Arts Education, 2007
State Institute of Professional Training Athens, Conservation of Works of Arts, 2002
State Technical Institute of Conservation of Works of Arts, Athens, 1997

Grants, Scholarships and Residencies

Research Stipends, Berlin’s Senate Department for Culture and Europe 2021
GATE 27 – Residency 04-05.21 in Ayvalik and 06.21 in Istanbul, Turkey 2021
Residency Begehungen “Entwürfnisse: Ring 8”, Chemnitz DE 2020
P-CAP Festival and Residency, Paxi Island, GR 2018
Residency „Begehungen no15“, Chemnitz DE 2018
Residency in Schloss Ringenberg – 2017
Triton d’or Art Contest, Paris 2015
Academy of Athens Scholarship, 2011-2013
International Scholarship Foundation, First Sculptor’s Grant 2010-2011
Goethe Institute residency “The Low of the Market”
Berlin, Germany – Bangalore, India 2011
DAAD, residency-workshop “Urban Transformations” HCU University, Hamburg-Cairo 2012
Erasmus scholarship at the University of Arts, UdK Berlin 2008-2009

Selected Exhibitions


“The non-fungible body?” curated by Freda Fiala & River Lin, The Upper Austrian Landes OOE Museum
“Walk with Us” curated by J. Schuerman and Z. Cinel, Rochester Art Center, USA
“Mapping the Cartographic” Filodrammatica Gallery, Rijeca, Croatia


“Wo-Men Beliefs” Kietzkapelle Neuköln, Berlin, Germany
“A Stitch In Time Saves Nine” Primarolia Festival, Peloponnese, Greece
“HALF-STAFF” solo-exhibition, Diskurs Gallery, Berlin, Germany
“Inertia” Art Project, curated by Krank, Athens, Greece


“Grauzone” Opyum Festival, Paris, France
“Control till End” Bangkok Biennale, Thailand
“Wanderer above EU borders” Light Exhibition, Landskrona, Sweden
“Pieced Works” solo exhibition, Gallery Vinogradov, Berlin
“Flux/Akis” Marina Abramović and MAI “A Key” video documentation, Istanbul, Turkey
“Reflex” Madrid Contemporary Art Fair, Spain


“Unsound Mind” Osaka Interface Exhibition, Japan
“Reflex” MOMus Museum, Thessaloniki, Greece
“Anatomy of silence” Espacio Enter at TEA, Tenerife
Miden Video Art and Proyector, Platforma de Videoarte, Madrid, Spain
Mountain Fringes, Grevenity Residency and Campus Novel, Epirus, Greece


“Telephus” Art Biennale Bangkok, Thailand
“I Am Where You Are” Cyprus Pavilion at the 16th Biennale Architettura Venezia
“Holy Vestments” Solo-show at Kulturfolger Gallery, Zurich
“Teotwawki” KHHP Kunsthalle, Berlin
“Miden Video-Art Fest” Kalamata, Greece
“Athen Welthaupstadt des Buches 2018” Stadt Bibliothek Bremen
“Beyond Human Impulses” International Performing Art Festival, Reykjavik – Athens
“Latitudes” International Performance Art Festival of Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia


“Refugio” Buffer Fringe Festival IV, Nicosia Cyprus
“To The Future Public Exhibition” in KMMN Kassel
“They called this place a stronghold” Schloss Ringenberg 21.5-9.7.2017, Hemminkeln Germany
“136.10 Hertz” 4th International Performance Art Weekend, Cell63 Gallery, Berlin
“Public Affairs” FHXB Museum, 5.5-15.6.2017 Berlin
“And Even Dust Can Burst Into Flames” Volume Gallery, 27-5.5.2017 Berlin


“From Da to Da” Zurich Meets London + ICR, Central Saint Martins,
Underdog Gallery Hoxton Arches, London
“From Nothing to Nowhere” Cabaret Voltaire, Zürich
“AS ONE” MAI and NEON, Benaki Museum, Athens
“Transmission” Karlsruhe-Athens, Athens Biennale
“Fortress” UAMO Festival, Munich


FIVC, Festival International Videodanza, Chile
Codec Festival, Mexico City
“2.Berliner Herbstsalon” Gorki Theater, Berlin
“Sichtung Insel #1” Piano Alto, Art Space, Berlin
“Tribute to Unknown” L’Espace Segur, Paris
“Luminus flux” Ermoupolis, Syros island, Greece
“39qm Neuland” Spree river of Berlin
“Democratic Identities” Center for Arts and Urbanistics, ZkU Berlin
“Ritornello” Darb 1718 Contemporary Art and Culture Center, Cairo
“Loose performance” Sophien-Saele, 100˙ Festival, Berlin


“ME, ME, MIRROR” Ha’Riviera Gallery, Bat-Yam, Israel
“Mind the gabs” Video Art Festival Miden – Kalamata’s historical center, Greece
“Motion-Less” Unlike exhibition, Gallery Schaeffers Gate 5, Oslo, Norway
“Labourism” Zentrum für Kunst und Urbanistik, Berlin
“Blue Monday Exhibition” Senatsreservenspeichern, Berlin


“7 Locomotion” Kunsthalle am Hamburger Platz, Berlin
“wir kommen alle” Art Squat – Torstraße 85, Berlin
“Festival Transart” Castel Canda, Italy
“Spring and Sources” Andros Island, Greece
“Crossing Borders Film Festival’ Meropion Foundation, Acropolis Greece
“Spatial Ataraxia” solo exhibition at the monument of Refo-Church, Berlin
“Titanium” Team Titanic gallery, Berlin


“7th Berlin Biennale for Contemporary Art” Artwiki contribution, KW Berlin
“Zooart 2012“ Cuneo, Italy
“Das Gesetz des Marktes“ Freies Museum Berlin
“Die Kunst nicht dermaßen regiert zu werden” HAU3, Berlin


“The Law Of The Market” Goethe Institute, Bangalore, India
“Hans hat Gluck” Castle Gandegg, Sudtirol, Italy
“La Belle Alliance” Mehringplatz, Berlin
“Heavy Metall” Plattform Festival – Wilhelmshaven, Germany


“Drawing in Sculptures” Kappatos Gallery, Athens
“Pais” Chora-Patmos Island, Greece
“Surprise II” Technopolis, Athens


“Forgive our Trespasses” solo exhibition, ASFA Factory, Athens
”Sculptures” Modern Greek Art Museum, Rhodes island, Greece
”Rundgang“ UdK, Berlin
“Med I krv” Booze Cooperativa, Athens / Serbia
“Genius Loci” Kypseli Art Squat, Athens

Publications and Press

2021: AnOther, Marina Abramović highlights the Performance of the Future 15.10.21 UK
2021: The Art Newspaper, Gareth Harris 16.03.2021
2021: Artnet – Artworld, 17.03.2021
2021: WePresent, Yiannis Pappas selected by guest curator Marina Abramović
2021: Wallpaper “Art in a virtual reality: the platforms bringing culture home” 01 April
2021: Monopol-Magazine für Kunst & Leben, 22.03.21
2020: On Sky Arts “Marina Abramoviç Takes Over TV” UK
2019: 1st Bangkok Art Biennale, Beyond Bliss 2018, Thailand
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2019: Le Mauricien, L’oeuvre inscrite dans sa réalisation, Norbert Louis
2019: THESS NEWS, 09.06.19 Video Art Miden
2019: El-Culture, Video Art at MOMus
2019: The Momentum, Bangkok Art Biennale, Jan. 5
2019: Fine Art, The Art News Magazine of Thailand Jan-March 2019
2019: Emergency Index Vol. 7, An Annual Document of Performance Practice, New York
2018: The Standard, Art Magazine, Thailand
2018: Art Serene, Man Is A Walking Clock, Thailand
2018: BAB Kataloge 2018, Bangkok Art Biennale
2018: “I Am Where You Are” Kataloge at the 16th Biennale Architettura Venezia
2018: Kathimerini Gr, Culture 02.07.18 Article by Sakis Ioannidis
2017: Emergency Index Vol. 6, An Annual Document of Performance Practice, New York
2017: “They called this place a stronghold” Catalogue Schloss Ringenberg
2017: 4th International Performance Art Week-End, Catalogue Luisa Catucci Gallery
2017: Artnews, Greece (Ta Nea Tis Texnis) 30.05.17
2017: RP, Hemminkeln, Textile Kunst mit Botschaften 20.05.2017
2017: RKD Conference, Humbolt University Berlin, 2nd – 4th Feb.2017
2017: Artforum,On the Ground: Athens, 10.02.17
2016: CNN, Marina Abramović on education, fame and dying, April 8
2016: Artforoum, Drama Club, Athens 04.01.16
2016: The New York Times, April 8
“Suffering for Art in Greece and Matching the National Mood”
2016: Bloomberg Television, 2:16 AM EEST April 23
2016: “As One” Commissioned by NEON + MAI
2016: 22.03 Artist Talk with Marina Abramović at Benaki Museum, Athens
2016: Wallpaper, 15 March, Performance Art has the Power to Change Lives
2016: ArtInfo, January 25 and March 02, Abramović names Greek Artists for NEON+MAI Projekt
2016: The Calvet Journal, Test of time: Abramović on the transformational power of performance art
2015: “The City Ghettos of Today” funded by the Europian Commission
2014: Exantas Magazine-Zeitschrift, Berlin – June Heft Nr. 20, (p. 40-45)
2014: “ALTRIBUNE” online magazine, 2 February, Italy
2013: “Urban Transformation” University of Neighbourhoods, Hamburg-Cairo
2013: “Avgi” National Publication, Heft 558, 25 August 2013, p. 23
2013: “Transart13” DI CULTURA CONTEMPORANEA, p.9
2012: “The Law of the Market” Intersciplinary project of the Weißensee Academy of Arts Berlin and the Shristi School of fine Art, Design and technology, Bangalore, India
2012: “GENDANKENSTRICH” Finstral Gochsheim, Germany
2012: “Crises and Migration“, Heinrich Böll Stiftung Berlin. (Page 44-45)
2012: ZOOART, catalog, Cuneo, Italy
2011: “Wilhelmshavener Zeitung” Heft 84, 9 April 2011, cover page and p.10
2011: “ARTE” online magazine, 27 July, Portugal
2011: Múltipos de arte, online magazine, 17 July, Brazil
2007: Victoria & Albert Museum 23-25 May 2007 London. “Looking at the present and learning from the past”. Making the ephemerous being substantive. The role of the conservation in the sculptured costume collection of the Athens 2004 Olympics games opening ceremony.
2005: ICOM-CC Trienial meeting, Hague 12-16 Sept.2005. “ Textile Conservation in Greek Ministry of Culture. A case study of the conservation of costumes from the Ethnological & Historical Museum of Larissa.”
2004: ICOM-CC Interim meeting for textiles, leather and legislation. Poster -“Historic and Folk Art Museum of Milos Island, Athens 2004.

Talks and Lectures

2022.5.25: University of Western Macedonia, for the lectures Performance Now v.9
2022.2.24: Academy of Fine Arts in Prague (AVU), in cooperation with Mothers Artlovers and Studio of New Media II
2022.3.20: Croatia, Filogrammatica Gallery in cooperation with Collective Rewilding for the artistic researches Mapping the Cartographic
2021.10.25-29: Workshop at Kiezkapelle Neukoelln, Berlin in cooperation with Albert Durer Gymnasium and the Young Artist Neukoelln.
2021.7.15: Artist Talk at Art Tours Berlin, performance art and its power.
2021.7.9: Artist Talk at Hier und Jetzt: Connections Berlin, B.L.O Ateliers
2019.3.21-22: International Conference: Amandola, Ascoli, Tokyo. Italy Meets Japan. Temporary Architecture/contemporary: adaptive and spontaneous strategies toward an unpredictable future
2019.11.24: TWIXTlab art, anthropology and the everyday. Study of Artistic Research conducted by the visual artist and anthropologist Elpida Rikou and the art historian Katerina Konstantinou with the Research Centre for the Humanities
2019.11.23: Athens School of Fine Arts, Symposium at Giorgio DeChirico Auditorium “Performing Ashura in Piraeus: Towards a Shiite poetics of ‘cultural intimacy’ with Greek embodied practices of religiosity” research group: Chatziprokopiou Marios and Tsibiridou Fotini
2018.11.13: 1st Bangkok Art Biennale at BACC – Artist Talks for the live exhibition A Possible Island?
2017.7: Castle Ringenberg, workshop with the students of the Artez University of Netherlands.
2017.2.2-4: Humboldt University, Berlin – International KOSMOS Conference, Religion: Bridging the Gaps and Breaking Paths
2016. 5: Lecture and Workshop at the ZHdK Zurich University of Arts, for the 100 years of DADA for the Festival “Zurich Meets London”. In cooperation with Cabaret Voltaire, Central Saint Martins, Protovoulia, Connecting Space Hong Kong, Hoxton Arches and The Underdog Gallery
2016.3: Benaki Museum’s Auditorium in Athens, artist-talk with Marina Abramovic for the exhibition As One
2012.6.14: Artist Talk, Freies Museum Berlin, The Law of the Market, moderation Stefan Koppelkamm
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