Vanessa Touzloukof
She was born in Athens and studied at the Athens School of Fine Arts,
in the painting workshops of Dimosthenis Kokkinidis, Chronis Botsoglou, 1995-2000
in the printmaking workshop of George Milios, Vasilis Kazakos and Vicky Tsalamata 2000-2003,
photography (Manolis Babousis), mosaic (Daphne Angelidou) and photography at NELE Zografou (Nikos Dimolitsas). She attended with a 4-month scholarship the printmaking workshop at the School of Fine Arts Barcelona in 2002 and garden architecture at the DIEK Attica ELGO Dimitra 2016-2018. Since 2019 she has been attending Stella Georgiou's bookbinding workshop.

Solo exhibitions:
"dans les jardins obscurs" Ektos art space, Athens 2022
"Feeding Systems" Municipal Art Gallery of Nafplio 2012
Endorphin theatre-art space , Athens 2013
“Traumata” MyxaCafé Berlin, 2012
"Traumata" MONOHORO gallery, Athens 2006
"Non-accessible Cities" MONOHORO gallery, Athens 2003

Main Group Exhibitions in Greece:
"Impressions" Olympic Art Gallery of Maroussi, Spyros Louis 2023
"Month of applications of visual arts" Municipal Art Gallery of Athens, Metaxourgeio 2023
"Printmaking" Gallery 13, Drama 2022
International Art-fair of Thessaloniki 2022
"Surmounting reality" Etch/ink art space, Athens 2022
International Art Fair of Thessaloniki 2021
“Printmaking: from prehistory to contemporary Greece" Athens School of Fine Arts, Nikos Kessanlis Hall 2021
Artist's books show “Fyodor Dostoyevsky (1821-2021)”, Meadow of the ephemeral, Livadi 2021
“Prisoner’s silences- An elegy to Fyodor Dostoyevsky’s life and work” Casa Bianca Cultural centre, Thessaloniki 2021
Artist's books show “Fyodor Dostoyevsky (1821-2021)” International Book Fair, Thessaloniki 2021
"Bestiarium" Etch/ink art space , Athens 2021
"Printed art Matters" mail-art project, Ektos art space, Athens 2020
"From the bottom of the heart" Onassio institution, Athens 2019
“B' printmaking workshop: 16 years of printmaking research 1999-2015" Melina Merkouri Cultural Center, Athens 2016
Theatrical costumes, "Medea" by Bost, Endorfini theatre, Athens 2013
"Playing with fairy tales", Athens Arts Center 2013.
"The human struggle in the urban landscape" multispace Chorostasion, Athens 2011
"The ancient olive grove" International Exhibition Centre of Crete 2010, TEI of Crete 2010
Print Fest, Municipal Art Gallery of Piraeus 2009
"Greek printmaking today" State Museum of Contemporary Art of Thessaloniki 2008
"Greek printmaking today" Lazaristes Monastery 2008
"Greek printmaking today" Gallery Averoff, Metsovo 2007
"All the colors for the port" old Distillery, Piraeus 2002
"Painters against war", posters on Athens’ walls 2002
"Month of Photography" ASFA Athens 2002
Trienale of Contemporary Greek Printmaking, Pierides Gallery, Athens 2001
Photo exhibition: Gounaropoulo’s Museum, Athens, 1997

Main Group Exhibitions Abroad:
‘Other Worlds” ILDE festival del libro de artista,Bibliotheca d’arte e architectura Luigi Poletti di Modena, Italia and placa Sant Just, Barcelona, Spain 2023
Biennale d’ Epinal, Atelier Kitchen Print, France 2023
“Affranchir” Musée Laurier, Québec, Canada 2023
Mini print international, Museo de Bellas Artes, Rio Cuarto, Argentina 2023
Cubic mail-art project, , galerie d’art Sant Roch, Ceret France 2023
“My own garden pocket book”, ILDE festival del libro de artista Libreria antiquaria Prandi Reggio Emilia, Museo municipal di Reggio Emilia, Italy 2023
Art= Revolution” Mail Art Archive Vienna, Austria 2023
“Homage to Anna Stereopoulou composer” mail-art project Procedimentum magazine, Spain 2023
"Theoretical, Practical, Real" Resim Heykel Museum and Gallery Art Gallery, Izmir, Turkey 2022
“My Own Garden Pocket Book”, ILDE XIII Festival del Libre d’ Artista i de la petita editio, Barcelona,2022placa Sant Just, Barcelona, Spain 2022
“Wall Of Wings” Project Joel Gallery Altona, Australia 2022
” Collage garden: Folk embroidery” villa Rothmayerova’s garden Prague, Czechia 2021
“Botanical in the city of Jakarta” Collage-garden, Jakarta, Indonesia 2021.
“KBLB Like a white sheet of paper”, White Lanes, holiday park, Voronovo, Moscow, Russia
“Contemporary Greek Printmaking” Cultural Palace Iasi, Rumania 2021
“Wall Of Wings” Project, Oak Hill Gallery, Mornington, Australia 2021
“Dispose to reuse” Eco Aware Gallery India 2021
4th International Miniature Print Exhibition, Manhattan Graphic Center, New York 2019
“Contemporary Greek Printmaking” Metropolitan Museum of Tokyo, Japan 2019
“Contemporary Greek Printmaking” Washi-no-Sato, Japan 2019
International Woodprint Association, Kyoto, Japan 2011
Lessendra art gallery, Sophia, Bulgaria 2011
Μiniprint International Granada, Spain 2005

“I studied the visual language, through painting, printmaking but also through photography, scenography, bookbinding, mosaic, graphic arts, history of art, garden architecture and aesthetic theories. The transformation and revelation that takes place through the arts and the approach of the world of the entity and the phenomenon, fascinate me, and connect me with life. I have taken part in more than 20 art shows all over the world and 5 solo exhibitions. I am a member of the Artistic Chamber of Greece and the Greek Printmakers Association.

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